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Payment Platform.

We offer you a completely free platform to do a number of services.

  • Accept payments instantly and for free between emexGo members.
  • Have a new low cost payment option for your eCommerce site.
  • Transfer money instantly anywhere in the world for free.
  • Transfer money in any currency to any bank account 24 hours a day 7 days with no Transfer limits.
  • Pay for goods and services worldwide with complete confidence using only your emexGo user-name and password.
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Money Transfer.

Commission free with NO transfer limits.

When making an International transfer you need to choose the currency, bank co-ordinates and amount. The sender’s bank or chosen payment processor then charges and the receiving bank may also charge and there may be a commission depending on sending/receiving currency. By using emexGo there is only a small charge of 0.5% to Wire the funds plus the transfer fee.

Money is transferred on same day basis UK to UK or next day for the Rest of the World You get live Currency rates included with your emexGo account so changing money to Foreign currency could never be easier or more transparent. The rate on your screen is what you pay. NO commission.

You can transfer money to other emexGo users instantly anywhere in the world for FREE.

Online Money Account.

Get rid of your bank manager.

With our online account you are in control with NO fees.

Access your account 24/7 and have instant access to a multitude of financial services.

No more waiting in queues at the bank or on hold on the telephone.

emexGo Market Place.

The Trading Platform designed for you.

By joining emexGo you get automatic access to our online market place.

Use the marketplace to buy and sell goods, commodities or services.

Advertise your products.

Chat “live” to your buyer or seller about the services and products on display.

Use your emexGo account to complete your transactions, all in one easy online marketplace.

emexGo website