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The emexpay payment gateway is a server-based software providing secure and user friendly payment processing tools for online merchants. emexpay gateway is a fully owned and complete payment system offering the latestin fraud prevention and reporting analytics. Each merchants account ca be tailored relevant to the merchant’s requirements. The emexpay gateway is connected to numerous acquirers located in strategic countries across the world.

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When making an International transfer you need to choose the currency, bank co-ordinates and amount. The sender’s bank or chosen payment processor then charges and the receiving bank may also charge and there may be a commission depending on sending/receiving currency. By using emexGo there is only a small charge of 0.5% to Wire the funds plus the transfer fee.

You can transfer money to other emexGo users instantly anywhere in the world for FREE.

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Our mission, and the reason we exist, is to make your life easy and maximise your lottery profits by taking care of all the time consuming and frustration tasks, leaving you to get on with your day job. We handle all the financial reconciliation and management, draw management, player communications, and pay all the prizes.

We’re fully licensed as an External Lottery Manage by the Gambling Commission and have decades of experience in helping society lotteries grow.

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Soccerdome holds a shareholding in Nineteen Twelve Holdings Ltd, who own a Nottingham based football centre operated under the brand Astro Kings. At the Astro Kings venue, there are five 5-a- side 4G football pitches and one 9-a- side 4G pitch. The venue is situated in the heart of Nottingham City Council’s £16,500,000 redevelopment of the Harvey Hadden Sports Village which reopened, refurbished and modernised, in September 2015.

Together, Astro Kings and Harvey Hadden Sports Centre deliver the Midlands best sporting venue.

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7th Floor, 39 St James St,
London, SW1A 1JD

Phone: 0207 493 9644
Email: info@boxhillplc.com
Web: boxhillplc.com


20 Market Hill,
Buckingham, MK18 1JX

Phone: 0115 888 1 222
Email: info@prizeprovision.com
Web: prizeprovision.com


Wigman Road
Nottingham, NG8 4PB

Phone: 0115 888 0 442
Email: play@astro-kings.com
Web: astro-kings.com