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Prize Provision Services

Licensed by the Gambling Commission as an External Lottery Manager and a member of The Lotteries Council, Prize Provision Services provides lottery management services for societies across the UK and operates The Weather Lottery, the UK’s largest fundraising lottery.

External Lottery Management

Prize Provision Services is one of the country’s leading External Lottery Managers, licensed to provide lottery management services to societies in the UK. Currently, the company currently administers over 850 society lotteries. The company has raised millions for good causes and raises thousands more every week.

Through the Gambling Commission license, Prize Provision Services is able to provide a variety of services including player and fund management, prize allocation as well as the draw itself. Additionally, the company provides marketing services, advice and help to enable societies grow their lotteries and raise money.

Prize Provision Services Website

Product : The Weather Lottery

Operated by Prize Provision Services Ltd, The Weather Lottery is the UK’s leading fundraising lottery giving millions the chance to support the good cause close to their heart and the chance to win huge prizes in the weekly draw.

Over £4,800,000 has been won since the lottery started. There is a 1 in 63 chance of winning a prize in every draw and over 800,000 winners of prizes to date, including a number of £25,000 jackpot winners.

The Weather Lottery has been raising much-needed funds for over a decade - to date it has raised over £5,000,000 for hundreds of good causes with thousands of pounds raised every week.

The Weather Lottery Website

Innovation in the payment industry.

Online purchases are the life blood of almost every consumer facing company in the developed world. Boxhill have a range of products that suit all merchant’s needs, working within both regulated frameworks and in regions where traditional acquiring partners struggle to offer safe, secure services.

Product : Casino Cash

Casino Cash enables customers to use their national and international payment cards to acquire gaming chips to greater values than their ATM cash withdrawal limit. The process is simple and fast. The customer purchases a voucher from a Casino Cash terminal and redeems it at the cashier to collect their funds. Our secure voucher system generates a unique single use voucher for every transaction.

Casino Cash Website


As an IPSP, Emexpay enables merchants to accept VISA, Mastercard, AMEX and other cards. They can also connect to any other payment card system, or e-wallet upon request.

Emexpay Website.


Soccerdome, an eight pitch 5-a-side football venue is situated in the heart of Nottingham City Council’s £13,500,000 development of the Harvey Hadden Sports Centre. The development will see the sports centre transformed into Nottingham's largest state-of-the-art leisure facility.

In June 2015, Harvey Hadden Leisure Centre is due to reopen, refurbished and modernised, offering a 50 metre swimming pool with adjustable pool floor which splits into two 25 metre pools enabling more public swimming access especially during the day, two multi-use activity studios for fitness movement and dance and café amongst other facilities.